You’re Wearing THAT?!


lisa fabrega


A few weeks ago I arrived at my local coffee shop to find the line was stretching waaay out the door and around the building. So I found where my friends were in line and joined them. “Ohh are you going somewhere special after coffee today?” one friend asked. I replied, “No, I’m like that viral Instagram Reel where the woman asks ‘what do you mean why am I dressed this way? This is how I go to the grocery store!’ I’m Latina, I dress like this every day.” We both laughed and inched forward in line.

Years ago, I would have felt a little paranoid about “being overdressed to meet friends” or “being too overdressed for the way people in my town and they’ll think I’m too big for my britches.” And I’ve certainly had my share of snide comments when I’ve just been myself and shined brightly. 

I used to dress down to “fit in”, but it’s been years since I did that. Now I show up overdressed to everything and I couldn’t care less if anyone doesn’t like it! Because it’s actually one of the insider wealth secrets of successful celebrities and high-achieving CEOs I’ve coached in the last 13 years.  And it’s why they are able to continuously scale into epic profitability and visibility without burning out.


Insider Wealth Secret #5: Successful celebrities and high-achieving CEOs know how to leverage their uniqueness into magnetic visibility.

I once spoke with a woman who hired me for 1:1 coaching because she’d been stuck at a revenue plateau for years, despite being highly respected in her field and being hired by many multi-millionaire CEOs herself. Despite amazing branding coaches and excellent marketing and advertising teams, nothing changed.

When we got to the root of what was going on, I identified a blind spot in her capacity for MORE visibility. Moving beyond that plateau was ALL about expanding her visibility. But there was a part of her that majorly resisted more visibility on a subconscious level. So every time her team would push to get her company more visible, she’d find a way to subconsciously pause, slow down or sabotage it.

When I asked her why she had so much resistance to becoming even more well-known and visible, she confessed she didn’t feel she “fit in” to what most millionaires  “look like” in her industry. “Everyone who’s making millions in my industry is blonde, blue-eyed, and poses in Louboutin heels in Parisian cafés in their pictures. I’m not like that at all, Lisa. I’m a Black Latina woman, I like to wear long flowy dresses and I lead retreats with no makeup and barefoot. I feel like to become more visible and make more money, I’d have to mold myself into someone I’m not.”

WOW, right?

She isn’t alone in this thought. Most of you reading this have this visibility blind spot. You resist taking actions to becoming more visible because you fear it’s somehow going to take you on an uncontrollable whirlwind that forces you to do things you don’t want to do or be someone you don’t want to be.

In fact, it’s the opposite! The more you are yourself, the more magnetic and unique you are, the more you stand out and the more likely people are to feel they are forming a unique relationship with you…which all means they’re going to trust you more and say yes to anything you offer them.

There are a million cookie-cutter, vanilla brands out there. But think about the people who have TRULY made it big in every industry. Why? Because they’ve done things DIFFERENTLY and leveraged their unique quirks and strengths. There’s no one like them, so they stand out!

Don’t believe me? Look at people like Dennis Rodman, David Bowie, Oprah, and Apple (whose tag line is “think different”). All these people went against trends in their industry and leveraged their unique personalities to increase their visibility and build success. All ultra-successful people have done this. 

Leaning into fully being yourself and OWNING it also has another amazing side effect. It ensures you draw to you the PERFECT, MOST ALIGNED, clients, opportunities, relationships, and business partners. Because when you’re fully yourself you will naturally turn off anyone who isn’t okay with accepting you as you are (which is part of your unique magic!) and magnetically attract the people who are the perfect fit for what you have to offer.

A great example of this? I worked a few years ago with a seven-figure business owner who kept attracting very condescending women, concerned with status and how much money she made in her sales calls. These women usually became clients who were quite difficult to please and really drained my client to the point where she was wondering if she could even handle growing her business into multiple seven figures. Wouldn’t it mean doubling her revenue meant doubling those rude, condescending prospects?

Wrong! When I did an analysis of her branding, I noticed she constantly posted about making millions and status symbols. Deep down she had a wound from her childhood of not feeling like “enough” when her family didn’t have a lot of money. So she’d subconsciously “made up” for it when she started her business by showing people she WAS worthy because she made millions and had expensive designer clothes and items. She didn’t want wealthy people to look down on her like she felt as a child. But this ended up attracting clients who had very hierarchical, elitist thinking, often with the SAME wound (which led them to their elitist way of seeing the world).

So many clients I’ve worked with made “I make millions, therefore that’s why you want to hire me” a central point of their marketing. But this isn’t sustainable long term, though it works amazingly in the beginning (because everyone wants to know how others made millions so they can make millions themselves.) It attracts people who want superficial results or who only value that. And this ends up draining you long-term if you have a passion/purpose-based business, because your purpose isn’t superficial. You become trapped, feeling no one will buy anything from you unless you constantly post about your millions and status symbols. You attract superficial clients, who are often fickle, impatient, don’t understand you have to be patient and do deeper work,  and will overall be difficult to work with long term. That means you’ll be deluged with difficult clients and start to resent your business.

We tweaked my client’s branding to start showing more of herself BEYOND the fancy designer items and millions made. She was able to maintain the air of prestige in her branding which was an important part of who she was, while also adding depth and warmth. Lo and behold, these small tweaks in her visibility plan got her audience engaged on a level they’d never been before. People felt more connected to her and her brand. Her revenue increased AND she felt more fulfilled and less drained because she was attracting clients with more depth as a result. 

You can do visibility however you want BUT you have to be clear on what that looks like for YOU. If you try to follow someone else’s blueprint this is why you might:

  • be stuck in a revenue plateau
  • feel like your message is not resonating with your audience and engagement is low, so why bother showing up consistently?
  • not understand why you keep attracting misaligned or draining clients
  • feel like marketing and social media are soul-sucking and ineffective
  • aren’t attracting the kinds of big opportunities you want (because you’re not standing out and instead fading into all the general, vanilla brands out there.)

You’re a dynamic, multi-faceted, multi-layered, and GROWTH-ORIENTED person. You’re constantly evolving, shifting, and changing and you want visibility that shifts with you and still continues to attract the right clients and opportunities. 

You’ve evolved, the world has evolved, and the message needs to evolve too and not be “trendy” but impactful and aligned with the right clients. That’s when it’s magnetic.

That’s the secret highly successful, millionaires know, which they leverage and lean into, constantly. If you’re ready to create that kind of visibility for yourself, a Visibility Intensive is where we can work on this together privately. 

In just one Visibility Intensive day (3 hours, plus a week of follow-up voice messaging for integration and implementation), you will walk away with a TRULY UNIQUE framework, messaging, or positioning that embraces your unique traits and makes you a magnetic brand, whether you’re a business owner or corporate CEO (because all CEOs need brands!).

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