against every “Internet marketing” rule


lisa fabrega

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Wow. The feedback about It’s Not Your Strategy, It’s Your Capacity: A Guided Journaling Experience has been amazing. And, I’m in deep gratitude. If you weren’t able to join us, read on for transparency times 10. 

Yesterday, enrollment officially opened publicly for Capacity Shift, a group container for my proven capacity framework. And, today, I’m inviting you, too. 

This goes against every “Internet marketing” rule in the book, but there will probably always be an open invitation to join us. Why?

Partly because I’m at the stage in my career where I’ve 100% divested from manipulation tactics and false scarcity. (In fact, that’s never been my style.) 

But, mostly because I’m shifting my business to make sure as many people who want access to this capacity-expanding framework, have it. You’ve probably heard me speak about legacy — the imprint only you can leave on the world. And capacity-expansion is part of my legacy and I want you to experience it. 

Not so I can take a trip to the South of France (although I love it there). But, because there’s work to do in this world and everything that needs to be done demands an expanded capacity. 

So, you can join us now, or you can join us whenever. But, know this: the mandate to expand your capacity isn’t going to disappear. In fact, the call to do so will only become more and more urgent. More and more insistent. More and more mandatory. 

You can always forge ahead and opt to deal with your capacity deficits later…when you “have time”; but that’s not why you invested your time and attention to participate in the guided journaling experience, is it? Don’t allow your ego access to critical decisions. It almost always will try to keep you safe and small. And, safe and small means SAME.

So, no, there’s no false scarcity, only the reality of staying where you are.

Your world isn’t going to magically stop spinning because you’re overwhelmed, stressed or confused. What worked for you then, is at best half as effective now. You can accept that or you can grow from here. Either decision is a choice. Your choice.

I hope you choose today.