Big Secret


lisa fabrega


Years ago a client hired me to help her with visibility struggles. She was a “best kept secret” – people in her industry respected her work and hired her to help them make millions with their launches. 

But she was struggling to make anything past $150,000, even after being in business for 5 years. 

How could someone so respected for creating million dollar launches be a “best kept secret”?

Hidden visibility blind spots. 

She was NOT a stranger to excellent marketing strategies and copywriters. But that wasn’t moving the needle in getting the epic visibility opportunities she wanted so she could make just as much revenue as the clients she helped.

She was inconsistent posting on social media and sending out emails to her email list.

She’d get invited to speak at events and would “ghost” because she was so nervous about being seen as “the expert” by her peers.

A side of her was resistant to more visibility while another side of her had a deep desire for more visibility. These two sides were at war with each other and the casualty of this battle was her business growth and impact.

As we dug deep into why this was happening,  we discovered something interesting.

She told me: “I resist visibility even though I want it because I have an idea I have to “act” and “look” a certain way to be “successful” in this industry. Every person I see doing well is a thin, white woman, wearing designer clothes, posing in Paris cafés. I’m a Black, Latina woman and I’d rather show up to a workshop in sneakers and cozy clothes. I don’t want to pose in Paris for brand photos.”

She associated being more visible and successful with having to become someone she wasn’t. No wonder she resisted more visibility and financial success!

We worked on that blindspot and by the end of our work together she was posting consistently, in photos and clothes that fully represented her authentic self. That year her business broke through the multiple six figure mark for the first time.

That’s the power of working on your visibility blindspots. 

And that’s why you can have the best marketing and positioning experts in the world, but if you don’t work on your visibility blindspots, no strategies will get you the epic visibility you want.

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PS. here’s a brand photo of me in my pj’s on my couch NOT wearing designer clothes or red bottom shoes being successful and visible just as I am. I posted this on Instagram the other day and people LOVED it.

PPS. this is also why representation matters. And why if you’re not a thin, white woman it’s so important to be visible. (And ps: I’m not knocking you if you are a thin white woman!) 

When I was a size 14, I plastered my website with photos of me, a plus-sized Latina woman, posing all over the streets and mountains of my beloved birth country of Panama. 

Very few people were posting images like this. Every coach’s “brand” at the time was designer clothes in Paris cafes. And you should have seen how many emails I got (and clients!) from people grateful to see themselves finally represented in the coaching industry in my photos. 

Overcoming my visibility fears over not looking like every other coach who was in the spotlight at the time, helped many, many women who were the same as me be comfortable being visible. 

Your visibility has a ripple effect beyond your own business and revenue. It lifts other people up, too.

So if you won’t do it for yourself alone, do it for the people you’re here to inspire and impact.