lisa fabrega


When I was a kid there was a commercial for a chewy fruit candy called “Bonkers”. In it, a person would eat a piece of the candy and a HUGE fruit would fall from the sky. I was obsessed and wanted the giant fruit to fall on me, too.  

When I finally convinced my junk-food-avoidant parents to let me buy a pack of this candy, I ripped the piece of candy from its wrapper, ran outside to eat it (so the fruit wouldn’t damage the roof of the house when it fell from the sky, of course) and waited.

Nothing happened. I was so disappointed. That’s when I learned sometimes our expectations don’t match reality. You know what else is like this? Our Purpose Capacity™.

In the last few weeks we’ve been taking a journey through the Six Capacities™ as I share personal stories on how my own capacity has expanded in the last few years. I’ve shared things I’ve never spoken about publicly before. We’ve covered Money and Visibility. Now let’s talk about Purpose Capacity.

You’re allowed to change your mind…

I’ve always had a variety of different priced offerings in my business, but for the most part, the bulk of my clients were 1:1 clients who worked with me in a very high end container. While all of them told me the results they got were worth four times what they’d invested, something started nagging at me.

My vision for Capacity Work™ had never been to only share it with a few select leaders. I wanted millions to expand their capacity. But early in my business I’d tried a few $97 offers designed to host thousands. Some miscalculations by the team I hired to help me do this ended up putting my business in debt that year. It took me a year to recover from that.

Because in this one-to-many model I couldn’t vet everyone who signed up, I had a few experiences with customers so awful I decided to go back to a model where I could vet everyone. 

At the time, I simply didn’t have the Capacity for a one-to-millions business model. And that’s ok. We have the capacity we need for where we are until it’s time to grow that capacity to hold more. We’re not always ready for level 10 of our vision. And we can’t force it, either. That’s the biggest mistake I see people make: trying to force their biggest vision without honoring their pace. You can’t start out running a marathon, you have to train for it. You have to take small wins first to get the big wins.

Another issue I had at the time: I couldn’t see how to make the depth of work I do more accessible for different price points, because everyone has their own unique Capacity Code™, so I couldn’t do the typical “cookie-cutter five step process” program most online personal development courses offered. It had to be something totally different from what I’d seen.

When I realized I had to shift my offerings to a variety of price points, my ego had a temper tantrum. I’d just finished leading two rounds of a program I trademarked called “The Empress Code” which taught leaders how to expand their Money Capacity and charge more for their work. Would I be labeled as a hypocrite if I offered a variety of price points now?

Luckily at the time one of my mentors reminded me of who I really am. She told me “this is YOUR business and you can do whatever you damn well please with it. If someone wants to act like you can’t adjust based on where your purpose is taking you, they’re just stuck in some old patriarchal BS.” She was right.

I define Purpose Capacity as your inside matching your outside. Is your purpose reflected in what you do? In the way you work? It became apparent to me back then my business model was no longer matching my PURPOSE. My Purpose Capacity needed expanding. 

While I still work with a select number of clients 1:1, I now have a variety of other offerings. Our $500 Virtual Capacity Retreats have all sold out multiple times and have waitlists. The $99 Capacity In Crisis Workshop surpassed our sign up expectations. And the Capacity Shift™ program (where you can work with me in a group of hand selected people for only $525 a month) was born and is humming along wonderfully.

And yeah, I managed to do this in a way where I STILL get to be selective about who comes into my sphere and create a safe space for the people who work with me. That’s the power of expanding your Purpose Capacity.

Is your inside matching your outside? Are you building something not aligned with your purpose? 

It might be time to work on your Purpose Capacity. You can fill out the Capacity Discovery Form here and if I feel what we offer can support you, we’ll reach out to schedule a call with me to discuss.

In our next blog post, I’m going to talk to you about how my Embodiment Capacity™ MAJORLY shifted in the last few years. There was some DRA-MA that went down on my way to stepping into my next level of this Capacity.