don’t do it


lisa fabrega

don’t do it

I have a bone to pick with the “personal development industry.” There’s this particular thing I see pushed constantly in PD programs and business/money coaching programs and it’s great when it works. But when it doesn’t, it’s downright harmful and causes long-lasting damage to your business or career. It can cause you to earn LESS money than before, in fact.

It’s this: the idea that your business (or career) must ALWAYS be doubling, tripling or quadrupling in growth and earning every year. This is FALSE. 

The follow up to this potentially insidious thoughtform is that in order for a program or investment to have value you have to have made all your money back immediately or have exponentially grown your business. Another FALSE belief that actually can prevent you from making more money and growing in the future.

Last year two clients came to work with me with big plans to go from earning $200,00 to $600,000. Totally doable. I’ve helped so many clients make this kind of a leap by helping them expand their capacity (not by obsessing over their strategies).

But when we started the Capacity Work™ it became VERY clear that in order to get to $600,000, they needed to do a total capacity overhaul to not only their business structures… 

but also needed to totally shift how THEY saw themselves and were showing up.  Because the $600,000 level of their careers was going to require a whole other volume of capacity from them. Capacity they didn’t yet have.

So, they both spent the entire year methodically examining every one of the six capacity areas with me. They slowly but surely got RID of anything in their business model, marketing, team, leadership and personal lives that was going to block them from getting to their $600,000 level. What had gotten them to $200,000 was NOT going to get them there.

And we built up their next-level businesses and lives to match the capacity they were going to need to get to $600,000. They set better boundaries, hired more support, shifted personal relationships that were stifling and worked on their embodiment with me so they could show up more powerfully energetically-speaking for their clients. 

It was nitty gritty work. We did things like examine the email sequence potential clients get before they book a sales call so it purposely weeds out more people who aren’t ready for their programs. One of those clients completely, with my help, rewrote her entire sales conversation script. When I say we got down to the nitty gritty so that anything that might slightly hold back their capacity to reach $600,000 was eliminated–I meant it!

That kind of thing takes time. 

And it takes a true badass and REAL, HIGH-CAPACITY CEO to know when it’s time to PAUSE the growth temporarily to reassess where the business (or career) needs to grow. When I see people do THAT, I KNOW they have what it takes to build an empire of change and impact.  

People who have to keep growing constantly without pausing to strengthen foundations run their businesses into the ground. All the world’s most successful CEOs and businesses have taken pauses periodically to reassess. It’s part of smart business/career management. 

And it takes TRUE CAPACITY to do that.

There are times when you must give yourself the space to STOP relentlessly growing your business, career or life ON PURPOSE in order to build a stronger foundation

You might have built up a cute little cottage of a business or career…but if you want a mansion, you’ve got to lay a bigger and stronger foundation to hold that mansion up. And in order to do that you need the time and space to do that. To examine every little crack in the foundation and within YOU.

You’d think my clients who paused to move forward would be mad they didn’t “quadruple their income in four months”. Nope. They were grateful because of what happened in their businesses BECAUSE they paused.

By the end of the year BOTH of them had launched new programs that were bringing in whole new revenue streams and selling them more effortlessly than ever before. Their time had opened up. Their business models were more streamlined. They were no longer bored or burned out by their businesses.

Now they have the capacity on every level to go WAY BEYOND the $600,000 goal they had set for themselves at the beginning of the year.

With their new levels of capacity, launches were more seamless and not stressful.  Their personal relationships were more aligned and intimate. They were able to hold and handle more than ever before and navigate life on a whole other level BECAUSE they paused and did the work to build the capacity to get there

Is that what you need to do? I don’t know, we’d need to talk and I’d need to “get under the hood to see what’s up”. 

But one thing is for sure. There is NO way you’re going to build that million dollar business, have that epic soul mate relationship or get that massive opportunity you’ve been dreaming of if you don’t stop to work on your capacity to HANDLE and RECEIVE it first.

That’s like trying to fix a car while it’s going 100mph on the highway. Impossible.

Ready to put the car in neutral long enough to build a foundation that will allow you to hold, handle and receive the life of your dreams? 
You can join us in Capacity Shift™. Or if private coaching is more your thing, just fill out the Capacity Discovery form here and I’ll personally review it myself and reach out to schedule a call if I think I can help.