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lisa fabrega

explain yourself

If Oprah (or the person you admire most) called you up today and said, “you’re live on my TV show, tell us what you do and how you help people!?” what would you do?

Can you honestly say you’d confidently rattle off in a clear, succinct manner exactly what you do, why you’re a genius at it, exactly who can benefit from your work, and the exact results your target audience is looking for?

Would you be able to walk me through your own patented proprietary process, live on the air all while maintaining your cool, feeling, and looking confident while showing up as the powerhouse you are?  

Would you be able to capitalize on that chance without a single hitch?  BE HONEST. Because if you’re saying “yes, I just need to do this one thing first,” then you’re a NO. It’s either yes or no. 

If you’re a no, congratulations. Because being honest with yourself is the best place to start. If you’re a no, you also probably have what I call a Visibility Capacity™ issue. In other words, you’re not allowing yourself to be fully seen in your work and life.

Because you don’t yet have the concise, perfectly suited words to showcase all the unique talents you bring to the table. You don’t yet know how to communicate exactly why your work is life-changing in a way that your ideal client instantly understands and resonates with so much they instantly book a session with you.

Struggling with your visibility can really put a dent in your revenue, your confidence, and more.

That used to be my client Brandi Mackenzie. I’ve been working with her for a few years and she has been through an amazing journey with her visibility. 

So I asked her to come talk to us about it a few weeks ago.  We jumped on Instagram Live and spoke about the experience of not knowing how to explain what you do clearly.

When you aren’t clear on what your ‘special thing” is, and you don’t know how to clearly and succinctly explain a) what you do,  b) who it benefits, and c) what results people can get from working with you…your confidence can take a major hit.

And what usually happens is you hide out, don’t show up in your full visibility,  and then your business takes a financial hit because if you aren’t showing up in a clear, magnetic, unique to you and well-spoken way… how are clients going to find you?

If Oprah turns the mic to you and all you do is stammer your way through a convoluted and obtuse explanation of what you do… you just lost a big opportunity.

Brandi is both a 1:1 client AND a member of Capacity Shift™ and she’s been working on her visibility for a while. Her journey to showing up and being seen as the amazing nourishment expert that she is has been incredible, full of twists and turns.  But she’s worked hard at her capacity and she’s seeing the fruits of all that hard work now.

Here are some of the things we spoke about:

  • How she started off focusing on one niche, then abruptly switched to another… but finally came back to her most authentic form of expression. 
  • The “traps” we fall into when trying to appear like an expert, rather than simply OWNING you’re amazing at what you do. There’s a big difference.
  • She also worked with me in a Capacity Intensive to create a full framework for what she does, developing and clearly naming her proprietary process she takes clients through and more!
  • How having this framework developed has allowed her to have endless content to create and never wonder “what to write about” again.

If you want to hear how we did it, what had to shift for Brandi to create the results she’s experiencing now, and want to be inspired by a fantastic conversation…

Make sure you catch the replay right here.

Brandi also texted me after this interview and told me she noticed how much she’s grown in her visibility capacity in the last year. She felt confident talking about what she does and showed up like the expert she is. That was a huge win. And I’m not surprised because she is and always has been a badass. Now everyone can actually see it!