HUGE Surprise


lisa fabrega


A few days ago, I sent you an email about how, back in 2022, I decided to shut down one of our most popular visibility offerings ever, The Epic Visibility Challenge. I did this because I could see the beginnings of a deep shift in the landscape of how we want to do visibility, and noticed visibility tactics that used to work, weren’t working anymore (and people were struggling as a result. You and I both got the same “I’m shutting my big program/business down” emails from the same big-name entrepreneurs.)

In that 1.5 years, I paused the challenge, I did a deep dive into my own relationship with visibility, and experimented a lot on myself. Some of the experiments failed, while others were hugely successful. Then I brought my “visibility findings” back to my clients and saw them get incredible results (like 3x’ing their revenue, getting huge engagement on their social media, and more…all while working 50% less than before.)

But you know what came as a HUGE two-part surprise?

The first thing that surprised me was this: how INTEGRAL visibility is to getting everything you want in your life and business. Everything, everything comes back to your visibility being dialed in. 

You can’t have a successful business without visibility. 

You can’t impact people without visibility. 

You can’t buy that dream vacation home for your family with your business’ extra profits without visibility.  

You can’t get the big, prestigious invites you want if your visibility isn’t dialed in. 

You can’t get the dream team you want supporting you without visibility. 

You can’t attract your dream partner without visibility. 

EVERYTHING comes back to your visibility.

Except, when I say “visibility,” I hear your silent internal groan. Because most of us associate more visibility with more work. More burnout. More overwhelm. More staying stuck on the hamster wheel of marketing, content creation, and “hustle”. So visibility for you has become this “either or” equation. “I can have peace OR profitability. I can have a seven figure business OR weekends off with my family. I can have a dream team OR profit.”

So here is where we come to the second part of that big surprise…the either / or is a LIE.

The stunner is this: when it comes to visibility, you CAN have BOTH. You can have big visibility and spaciousness. You can have big revenue AND only work 3 days a week. You can have a triple-revenue growth quarter and not have to do a single sales call, massive email launch sequence, or want to faceplant afterwards. 

When your visibility strategy is ALIGNED with the epic vision you have for your life, YOU. CAN. HAVE. BOTH. BUT that’s the caveat–you have to get your visibility dialed in and aligned. If it’s not aligned, that’s when you’ll feel like more visibility equals more exhaustion.

This was shocking to me, not because I didn’t know it was possible. I’ve built a whole framework around visibility, for goodness sake! But in my year-long  “visibility experiments” it was UNEQUIVOCALLY proven to me over and over, both with myself and clients’ results.

Visibility isn’t just about “being seen.” Visibility is your revenue, it’s your team, your positioning, your offers, your business model, where you’re putting your daily energy and focus, it’s your pricing. 

Aligned visibility looks like this:

  • “I get to pick the best people to work with me on my team,” not “I have to take what I can get because I don’t have the budget to afford the team I desire.” 
  • Not having to convince people to work with you or to see your value. Instead, it’s having people applying to work with you or you being invited to the big opportunities instead.  
  • Attracting top-tier, high-ticket clients without having to post on all that platforms and do all the marketing things.
  • Not feeling like you’re having to constantly market or post on social media while feeling disheartened over low engagement and, instead, making $50,000 from one post without giving a hoot about the vanity metrics.
  • Not just being on the cover of a big magazine, but also having an easier sales process so you don’t get burned out trying to retain all the new clients that publicity opportunity brought you.

That’s exactly why I decided to bring back the Epic Visibility Challenge in 2023 after 1.5 years. In the 3 days we’ll spend together, I’ll be: 

  • Walking you through all the visibility findings I brought back to my clients after deep diving into what’s working in visibility NOW. You’ll go behind the scenes to see what worked, what didn’t, and what helped my clients get mega results while working way less.
  • Teaching you the six, advanced-level visibility levers that are working for aligned, effective, and easeful visibility in 2023.
  • Helping you pinpoint the EXACT, custom-to-you advanced visibility strategy YOU need to activate in order to get your visibility aligned in the next 30 days. 

Because I want YOU to get results like the ones I got my clients above.

We are closing enrollment in just three days now. I don’t want you to miss out! Grab your seat in the challenge here now.

Ps: yes, there will be replays in our private FB group of every live–so if you can’t make it live, you won’t miss a thing. Plus, you do NOT want to miss out on the community of people who are in this challenge. There are some real badasses signed up, so don’t let the $47 price tag fool you. We have business owners from under $100,000 in revenue all the way up to 8 figures in revenue participating in this challenge, so the networking opportunities will be phenomenal! 

Imagine meeting just one person during this challenge that can skyrocket your visibility through a connection they have or through a partnership you form during this challenge. The sky’s the limit with an amazing group like this participating. Grab your seat before we close enrollment.

Questions? Just email me, and my team and I are happy to assist 💜