I bailed last minute


lisa fabrega

I was about to head out the door to an event last week when I made a radical decision. I had my makeup on, was fully dressed, and ready to go—I even took this picture as I was about to head out the door…

And then I realized the venue was a 45-minute drive for me– at night.

I thought about one of the things I always teach clients when they are recalibrating their businesses and careers to have more visibility without the hustle and the burnout: energy management. As our businesses grow, our time and energy become even more important than money.

In fact, it’s through preserving our time & energy that MORE money comes.

So, I have noticed in myself and my clients that it’s very easy to get wrapped up in all the opportunities and exciting events you are invited to.

But as I reflected on the fact that- I haven’t had many nights in lately to just chill on my couch, watch TV, and do my nails (I love doing my nails; it’s relaxing for me & feels like deep self-care).

I also had an 8-month-old project I kept putting off because of a lack of time and energy. The nagging reminder that it was overdue also drained my energy in tiny amounts daily.

I decided- instead of using 1.5 hours of my time driving in total and another 2 hours at an event where I may or may not make special business connections…I’d rather stay home, have a girls’ night, and complete that project that’s been on my mind for eight months.

And I did just that. The project I thought would take me hours to complete took me only 35 minutes. And I got to sit on my couch watching TV, drinking my Canada Dry Diet Cranberry Ginger Ale, doing my nails.

It was just what I needed and a wise use of my energy as a CEO. The replenishment and deep rest I felt the rest of the week from giving myself that evening to stay in and do “nothing productive” has given me delight and energy to send out thousands of dollars of proposals to people reaching out about working with us on the corporate side and for 1:1 coaching, have a cold intro call with a new corporate contact and teach our new free masterclass showing you how to scale your visibility & business without burnout (which we are getting RAVE reviews on from participants!) ✨

Part of what I teach in that masterclass is how vital capacity is to your visibility & business growth. Managing our energy is one of the ways we can grow with the right amount of capacity, so we don’t burn out.

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