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LIsa_April 2023

Believe it or not, there was a time when I was doing visibility ALL WRONG. A few days ago, I told you this: visibility influences EVERYTHING in your life and business. When your visibility strategy isn’t aligned, you’ll feel like you’re working so hard and the results you’re seeing aren’t worth it. When your visibility strategy isn’t dialed in, you’ll feel like you get to a certain level of visibility and past that you just can’t handle the workload anymore.

That’s how I felt when I was getting visibility wrong. And this is what it looked like:

→ I had a team that didn’t know how to support me properly and didn’t have the capacity to get me to the next level of revenue in my business. There was constant drama, bad attitudes, dropped balls, micromanaging, and they often lost me thousands of dollars with their mistakes instead of contributing to the bottom line.

→ I had some clients that wanted to push the scope of our work, didn’t do the work but still complained, and just plain drained my team and I. While most of my clients have been wonderful, those few bad apples seriously made me question if I even wanted to be a coach.

→ I wasn’t invited into the rooms with the caliber of people I wanted to partner with for bigger business ventures. I felt invisible to them.

→ I didn’t have the right mentoring support, so I spent a lot of money on good mentors that didn’t “get” me and gave me advice that may have worked for others but didn’t really move me past the plateaus I was experiencing at the time.

During that time, I remembered something an astrologer told me long ago: “Your life lesson is all about ‘being seen.” At that time, I acutely felt the wound of not being seen, despite how darn hard I was working to BE seen and get the opportunities and revenue I wanted.

None of these “bad” things happened because I wasn’t working hard enough. I was working my @ss off, to be frank. None of these things happened because I wasn’t already being visible–I was. I was posting on social media every day, sending emails every week (sometimes 2x a week!), and showing up on four podcasts a month. I was being visible.

But getting the visibility opportunities you want has nothing to do with how hard you’re working. It has everything to do with your ALIGNMENT.

If your visibility strategy isn’t aligned to the epic vision you have for your business and life, you can work 100 hours a week, and you still won’t have the results you want. That’s what I didn’t get at the time. I had visibility blind spots. You have them too. We ALL do. 

It took the RIGHT mentor to finally tell me: “Lisa, you’re a brilliant strategist! I would NEVER know it, looking at your presence online. All I see is a wispy, goddessy brand that doesn’t have a quarter of the depth, intelligence, and brilliance you actually bring to the table with clients. Where is all of THAT on your website and social media presence? Why am I not hearing you talk like THAT when you get interviewed on podcasts?”

I was doing ALL the visibility things, so I thought I was expanding my capacity for visibility. But I was expanding my capacity in the wrong direction. The real me– the intelligent strategist who has methodologies she created, a proven framework, and can lead leaders of $100 million dollar companies was HIDING behind the visibility strategy I had at the time.

So I had to work TWICE as hard to get the results I wanted. That’s what happens when your visibility isn’t aligned with your vision. It took me a little while to get myself out of that cycle and that way of thinking in order to expand my business and start getting the visibility opportunities I really wanted. Two years of diligent pivoting, to be exact

I want to shortcut that for you. You don’t have to go through the construction zone like I did. If you want to sit in your car on a hot summer day and deal with construction traffic, that’s your prerogative. But if you want the detour to get you to your desired destination in half the time, I’m showing you the detour, and it’s this…

I got really clear about what MY unique visibility strategy needed to be. And I ALIGNED my visibility strategy with MY vision for my life and business. 

THAT is what paved the way for things like:

→ Oprah and Gayle finding me online, loving my positioning and messaging (I’d just overhauled it to show my true brilliance), and literally coming to visit ME at MY HOME and featuring me on their TV show and O magazine. 

→ Hiring the best team of my life. A-Players and true experts who love what my company is doing so much; THEY are fans of what I’m doing and want to join my company to lend their genius expertise and help take it to the next level. 

→ Getting invited to work with multiple-8-figure companies as an advisor and help them put together their advisory boards, solve leadership problems, and get recommended as an advisor to other leading-edge companies.

→ Becoming friends with and having life-changing conversations with industry leaders who invite ME to their exclusive, private gatherings and introduce me to other big players in the industry.

→ Having wonderful, luxurious dinners with brilliant thought leaders who see my genius and hire me as their coach (without me feeling intimidated one bit!).

And you know what? I work MUCH less than I did back when I was doing “all the visibility things” and not getting the results I wanted. I now close six-figure deals over fun dinner conversations. I create multiple-six-figure months without doing a single sales call or without sending any emails. I get to do visibility MY way– aligned with the spacious, peaceful vision for my life and business. My clients have the same results too.

This is my dream for you. And it’s why I decided to completely overhaul and bring back the ALL NEW Epic Visibility Challenge.

Everything you want is on the other side of getting your visibility strategy dialed in and ALIGNED. By the time you walk away from this challenge, you will have pinpointed the ONE thing YOU need to do (custom to YOU) to start getting the results you want in your business.  

And guess what? It’s most likely NOT the thing you think you need to do. Because, just like me, you have blind spots, too. And the reason you may not be getting the visibility results you want is because you’re focusing on the wrong thing. The challenge will show you the RIGHT thing to focus on so you can shortcut your way there instead of doing all the stuff I had to do to get there. That’s the beauty of having mentors who walk their talk.

We’re closing the cart for the Epic Visibility Challenge on April 10, 2023. That’s just three days from now.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to take the scenic shortcut to the results you want. Grab your spot for only $47 now.