money ghosting


lisa fabrega

18 sept a

I noticed something really interesting last week which revealed to me a tricky way in which we sabotage our Money Capacity without even realizing it.  Here’s what happened…

Last week, when I announced that we were opening up a BRAND NEW virtual Money Capacity retreat, I asked for all who were interested in signing up to write back with a, “hell yes!”. We had SO many ‘hell yes’ emails in our inbox, that there were more hell yesses than there were spots available in the retreat.  

This is when the tricky thing happened…

When we sent the link with information and payment form to all the people who said, “hell yes” and were READY. TO.GO…about half of those ‘hell yesses’ went silent and never replied. Odd to be SO READY to do something… and then…nothing, right?

Now hold up: I am NOT calling this out to shame you if you were one of the people who didn’t reply.  

But I AM calling it out with lots of fierce-mama-love because I care DEEPLY about your money capacity.  I care PROFOUNDLY about you being able to continuously earn, save and invest more and more money in your future goals and life Every. Single. Year. 

And being a hell yes to expanding your money capacity and then ‘ghosting’ when the actual opportunity to do something about it is in front of you, IS a money capacity issue. It’s a form of avoidance.  

ANOTHER thing I noticed, was this past Friday after I sent out a ‘list’ of subtle and sneaky ways Money Capacity issues show up for us. MANY people wrote in saying “phew! Guess I don’t have a money capacity issue then because I didn’t see myself in ANY of those behaviors on the list. I’m all clear!”.

Except here’s the tricky part: I never said those are the ONLY ways Money Capacity shows up.  What I did say is that those are SOME ways Money Capacity issues show up.  And that those are the more tricky/subtle ways it shows up. Your Money Capacity challenges are unique to you and will show up in their own unique ways. 

It’s interesting so many people skipped over the gentle reminder that specifically said the ‘list’ were just SOME examples of more sneaky money capacity issues.  And, proceeded to immediately jump to saying they don’t have a money capacity issue because they didn’t check off anything on that list.  

It’s really subtle, but that’s also a form of avoidance.

That is nothing to be ashamed of, though.  It’s NORMAL to do this. MOST OF US go into avoidance or ‘money-ghosting’ mode when it comes to examining our relationship with money and our capacity to earn, save and invest larger and larger amounts of money.

Avoidance around your money capacity can look like:

  • Being a little too quick to pronounce you don’t have a Money Capacity issue (what’s that saying..thou dost protest too much?).
  • Thinking Money Capacity issues are only for people who make no money or very little money.  Or vice versa, thinking Money Capacity issues only affect millionaires. Money Capacity affects EVERY level of earning.  From $50,000 to $100 million. Even if you’re happy about the amount of money you’re making, trust me, you probably have a money capacity issue.
  • Blaming your revenue/earning/income plateau on ‘the current market’,  ‘your industry having a bad year’, your business model, your audience, your marketing or your strategies.  (And thinking if only you could change one of those things that it would somehow all magically come together). Except it’s not your strategy, it’s your capacity.
  • Thinking that you need to work on some other issue ‘first’ before you work on your Money Capacity.  Money Capacity is intertwined with EVERYTHING. Ever-y-thing. If you don’t work on your Money Capacity, nothing else will move and shift.
  • Thinking you’re ‘too spiritual’ to talk about making more money.
  • Thinking it’s greedy to want to expand your money capacity because you ‘already make enough’.
  • Delaying an investment you know in your soul you need to make because you have ‘something else’ you need to invest in first.  With gentleness, I say this: you know that you need to look at your money capacity deep down. And no amount of investing in a new kitchen, hiring another strategist or going on another shamanic journey is going to take away the fact that it’s TIME to do the slightly scary thing and face your money capacity issue once and for all.
  • Telling yourself you’re having too many money stresses to invest in expanding your money capacity.  When you do this, you’re basically doing the equivalent of holding right in your hand THE key that will unlock the door you’ve been wanting to unlock.  And instead of going “nah, I’ll just go try another key that doesn’t fit in this lock”.
  • Accepting no-salary positions in a project or a startup and ‘waiting’ for the funding to come in.  Instead of bringing in money now.
  • Spiritual bypassing and telling yourself you need a break from earning money because you’re ‘in-between building companies’ or ‘between gigs’  (when you know deep down it’s been long enough for your break and you’re just scared of the unknown before you).
  • Thinking your product/program launch didn’t do well because of the Facebook ad strategy, the marketing message not being right or it being ‘the wrong time of year’.

The list above does not include ALL the ways you might be avoiding your money capacity.  Just some.  

And if you saw yourself in anything above, I don’t blame you.  Truly I don’t.  

I know how stressful money can be for so many of us.  No matter HOW MUCH money we make, money can feel stressful for us at every level of success. 

I’ll never forget the time I heard Richard Branson, THE BILLIONAIRE, talk about how stressed he felt every month when payroll time came around.  Even HE has money capacity issues he’s working on.

When it came to money, avoidance was one of my favorite tactics for YEARS.  

I was that person who avoided opening bills and stuck them in a drawer only to find them months later. Or who didn’t check in on my bank account regularly because I was afraid of getting stressed out by what I saw.  

At the beginning of my business, money talk used to stress me out so much, I didn’t even pay attention to things like profits, revenues and profit margins (you know, grown-ass CEO stuff).  

I blamed my revenue plateau on not having the right ‘marketing strategy’ or ‘business model’.  I blamed a flopped launch on not having the right Facebook ad strategy. I blamed the fact that I kept getting clients who defaulted on payments on my marketing message not ‘keeping out the wrong people’ or on ‘poor boundaries’.  

It was none of these things. It was my money capacity.

But I kept on blaming it on everything else until it blew up in my face many years ago and I was forced to deal with it to the tune of $100,000 in business debt and a two-year revenue plateau that wouldn’t break no matter WHAT ‘strategy’ I tried.  

It ONLY shifted when I finally worked on my Money Capacity.  

And I’m not the only story like this. In the coming weeks, you’ll hear other stories from clients who worked with me on their money capacity and how it shifted everything when ‘nothing else’ was working.

If you saw yourself in any of the points above, you have a money capacity issue, my love.  And the particular money capacity issue you have is that you’re money-ghosting/you’re in avoidance.

The Universe loves you way too much to let you avoid something that is CRUCIAL to your happiness, purpose, and impact on the planet.  So if you’re in avoidance, it will blow up in your face so that you DO pay attention to it.

I don’t want it to get to that point as it did for me many years ago.  I don’t want you to be on top of the world, doing great in your business or career and then BAM suddenly you hit a plateau and you throw everything at it to no avail.  I don’t want you to keep throwing money at strategies, marketing plans and facebook ad strategists when that is NOT the issue.

Working on your money capacity NOW prevents this from happening to you later.  

And here is the last point I want to make: money is the energy of abundance.  And abundance is our nature. It IS who we are. Look around when you go on a nature walk and look at how abundant nature can be.  We are nature itself. We are meant to be abundant. It’s the natural order of things and the innate flow we are meant to exist in.

Photo of a private client on retreat with me in Joshua Tree

But if we AREN’T continuously expanding our container to HOLD, HANDLE AND RECEIVE that flow of abundance that is always increasing and coming our way…

We will block it. We will push it away because our container stopped growing and can’t FIT more abundance.  And we literally go against our very nature. We don’t have the CAPACITY.

And that starts to affect EVERYTHING in your life. Not just your money.  It affects your energy levels, your satisfaction with your work, your impact in the world, your relationships.  All of it.

So when I say that Money Capacity affects EVERYTHING in your life and work…that’s because it DOES. There is NOTHING more important than working on your money capacity.  It is the core from which ALL your capacity for everything starts.

Being in avoidance around working on your money capacity keeps you small, it sets you up for an eventual plateau if you haven’t hit one already, and it literally holds you back from BEING who you came here to be.  

If you’re ready to stop avoiding and make a PROFOUND SHIFT that will expand your ability to be IN THE FLOW of your true, abundant nature…and earn, save and invest more and more money with each passing year…

If you’re ready to feel REALLY GOOD about not putting a ceiling on what you can earn…

That means you’re ready to come to our virtual Money Capacity retreat.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The virtual Money Capacity retreat is a judgment-free, no-shame-allowed container to really HEAL this aspect for yourself. I hope you welcome the opportunity to do this work in a safe, high vibration space, with other women who are healing their money stories and capacities as well.  I mean, wouldn’t it be good to know you’re not alone and you don’t have to be ashamed? 

Spots are filling up and the last virtual retreat we opened up SOLD OUT of all three dates. 

I only allow 8 people per retreat as I want us to have plenty of time for coaching you on your Money Capacity issue.

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Lisa Fabrega

Ps: if you have any questions, just email and we’ll be happy to answer. I want to help you to make sure this is the right thing for you!