put down the mask


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put down the mask
A picture of 'carnaval' in my home country of Panama

put down the mask

A picture of ‘carnaval’ in my home country of Panama


Today’s post is for those of you who have to be somebody different at work/in your business than you are in your real life, with those who know you best. Whether you have a corporate career or you’ve built a business where you feel you have to be ‘one’ persona, this one’s for you, and I SEE YOU.

I was recently talking to a client who maintains a successful corporate career while she builds her consulting practice. When she first hired me, she was getting sick A LOT and was having depressive thoughts, so much so that she had started seeing a therapist.

In one of our first sessions, I realized that part of the reason why she felt so depressed lately is that she was literally going in to work with a mask on

She was one person at work – the quiet, corporate follower, sticking to the rules – but at home she was passionate, outspoken, studying shamanism and had one hell of an amazing personality!

She had a major Visibility Capacity issue – she wasn’t allowing herself to be FULLY SEEN.

We worked for several weeks on her visibility capacity and she started letting her real personality shine through at work.  

Now, hold up. This does not mean that I told her to go into work the next day and start saging everyone at her corporate job while shamanic journeying in staff meetings!

Part of working on our visibility is learning how to not suppress who we really are WHILE also learning to read the room. Just because I like to talk about sex with my friends, doesn’t mean I’m going to talk about sex where that isn’t the vibe, you know? We don’t exist in vacuums and we need to take other people into consideration when we’re self-expressing.

But this DOESN’T mean hiding who you really are.

For my client, expanding her visibility capacity at work meant speaking up more with ideas to solve long-standing problems. Having the courage to disagree with other managers at staff meetings and suggest other solutions. And offering a ‘lunch and learn’ session where she helped employees access their creativity so they could increase productivity at work.

This was how her ‘shaman self’ could be fully seen in her corporate environment, without wearing a mask and suppressing her true self.

It wasn’t easy at first. 

In the beginning, she was afraid and uncomfortable as she wasn’t used to being FULLY SEEN at work. But little by little she did it, and the positive results started to show up.

Her boss noticed the changes and started showing more of an interest in mentoring her. She asked for a raise at work and got it. She implemented a solution that made a program that had been a huge, clunky drain on the company into a MUCH simpler and more cost-effective version.

And a funny thing happened. When she was NOT at work, she started sharing more with her friends about her ‘woo’ side and her shamanic work. This grew intimacy in some of her friendships. She even told me she and her boyfriend were having the best sex they’d ever had.

Usually terrified of networking, she started going to more networking events to talk about her new consulting business that she was growing on the side. She made some good connections with people who could be potential future clients.

And she started feeling less depressed.  

All of that from expanding her visibility capacity.

Listen, if you are not fully being yourself EVERYWHERE in your life, you’re leaving money and happiness on the table. Because who you really are, beneath the mask, is your secret sauce. 

Now, I understand that it’s a balance to figure out how to navigate different environments where you have to be yourself AND read the room.  

And that’s why I created the virtual Visibility Capacity retreat.  To help you do just that.

The gap between you and your next raise or big contract with a huge client can only be filled by you allowing yourself to be FULLY SEEN. It’s what makes you stand out from everyone else offering something similar.

We’re going to cover this at the Visibility Capacity virtual retreat… and more!

To see everything we will cover and all that you will get you can visit the button below.



A few caveats:

We originally offered two dates, but spots sold so quickly I had to ADD a third date (September 4th) due to the demand for this virtual retreat! I only have 6 spots left now for that new date, and one spot for September 14th!

So I highly recommend not waiting too long to join us, as I can only take a limited number of people per retreat – I want it to be intimate so that you get the time that you need to work through YOUR visibility capacity issue.

Can’t wait to see you there!

In love & capacity,

Lisa Fabrega

Ps: if you have any questions, just email support@lisafabrega.com and we’ll be happy to answer. I want to help you to make sure this is the right thing for you!