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A few days ago I got this comment on Wednesday’s blog post about ‘Money Ghosting’ aka how we go into avoidance around money.

I was thrilled to receive that message because yes, ‘not being able to make the days work’ is one of the ways that we go into avoidance around working with our Money Capacity.

Don’t understand why? Have you heard yourself saying the same thing? If so, read on.

First, I know how you feel! This year I decided to study Herbalism (plants have always been a passion of mine).  Going to Herbalism school while running my business, serving clients, delivering these amazing virtual retreats and signing women up for my new 2020 coaching programs is A LOT.

But I’ve been eyeing this herbalist apprentice course for a while and I knew if I didn’t MAKE it work, it never would.  So I rescheduled a bunch of clients and phone calls, changed my schedule up and made it work.  

It was NOT easy.  I wish you could see a glimpse of what my calendar looks like on a weekly and monthly basis.  If you saw it, you’d realize what a Herculean feat it is to move things like that for one course I want to take.  

It was worth the juggling I had to do with my schedule. I’ve been LOVING my herbalism classes. It’s been utterly transformational and influencing my own Capacity Work™ TOTALLY worth the major inconvenience of having to move things around.

I’m telling you this story because it illustrates something: when we’re really dedicated and committed to shifting something in our lives, we do what we have to do to make it work.  If we are dedicated to shifting something but we’re NOT doing what we have to do to make it work, we’re in avoidance.

That goes for the Money Capacity retreat and making the dates work.  

One of the things I speak with women about all the time is that when an investment of your time, energy and money is truly going to be transformational, it will require you to put in some effort. 

That may mean moving plans around, disappointing some people, moving some funds in a different way, canceling and rescheduling important previous commitments, etc…

Because the transformation doesn’t begin AFTER we enroll and start the work.  The transformation actually begins BEFORE that.  

If you’ve asked the Universe ‘I’d really like to earn, save and invest more’ or ‘I’d really like to take my revenue/salary to a whole new level this year’ or ‘this is the year I take my business to $1 million in revenue’ or ‘I’d really like to stop attracting those clients who don’t pay on time’ etc…

That is a request you’ve now put out there and because energy matches energy, the Universe says “okay, let’s make this happen.” But it’s NOT going to make it easy for you.

In fact, when we’re truly serious about it and ready for a shift, it’s been my experience the Universe presents a set of challenges for us to overcome.  This can easily fool us into thinking it’s ‘not time’. Don’t fall for the illusion.

The challenges have a VERY specific purpose.  

Not only does this make sure we’re really serious about what we said we wanted.  But it’s also like a ‘new training ground’ to get you ready for the next level of your capacity.

For example, this week I’ve been SO SORE because my trainer ‘upped’ the intensity of our workouts.  Why? Because I’d already mastered the level we’d been working on for the last few months. So now, it’s time to challenge my body in new ways to grow to the next level of my strength.  It’s definitely been challenging. I almost passed out after one of our sessions last week! Don’t even get me started on how sore my bum is!

Same applies to ANYTHING you say you want to shift.  So you said that you wanted to make more money this year? Or get more like ‘grown-ass woman’ about your money? 

Well, all of the reasons why you ‘can’t attend’ the Money Capacity virtual retreat ARE the challenges you’re being presented with right now to exercise your new capacity muscles you say you want to expand.  

The way you’re handling this challenge of finding a way to make one of the virtual Money Capacity™ retreats work right now is telling you A LOT about your capacity and where it needs to grow.  Are you listening?

We learn who we really are and what we prioritize through how we approach deciding to enroll in programs that we KNOW are going to shift us profoundly.

Despite what all those new-agey books tell you, shifting into the next level of your greatness…it’s almost never going to be an easy transition. It will be challenging. That’s how you know the transformation has already begun! 

That’s how you know it’s going to be good:
when the process of enrolling in the program itself stretches you.

Maybe making the dates work isn’t your challenge though.

Maybe it’s worrying that this might be one more thing that won’t work for you.  If that’s your ‘challenge’ that is being presented to you to see if you will choose expansion, check this message out that I also got a from a Capacity client recently.

This is a perfect example of being presented with the ‘challenge’ of ‘what if this doesn’t work?’ and stepping into your power and winning at the challenge.

The client above is expanding her Money Capacity with me right now and she has already hit her highest revenues ever in the last few months.

So, are you going to take the challenge on and overcome it?

This week’s virtual Money Capacity retreat is ALMOST SOLD OUT.  Only 3 spots remain.

The next two dates for the retreat are also filling up as I type this. 

If you’ve been on the fence now is the time to get off before it sells out and you miss your chance to show the Universe and yourself you’re ready to grow by taking on the challenge of enrolling. 

Can’t wait to see you there,

Lisa Fabrega

Ps: if you have any questions, just email and we’ll be happy to answer. I want to help you to make sure this is the right thing for you!

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