the curse of “best kept secrets”


lisa fabrega

Aug 21 Newsletter

the curse of “best kept secrets”



Have you ever asked a client for a testimonial, only to be told to ‘keep it anonymous’ or to be turned down altogether?  

Or how about that colleague that you see getting tagged by all her clients on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram with rave reviews? Even though you do equally good work and your clients rave to you in private, you can’t seem to get people to admit out loud that they worked with you.

Or here is my not-so-favorite: getting called the ‘best-kept secret’ or the ‘secret weapon’.

Let me tell you, I can sooooo relate.  

Back in 2015, I literally had LOADS of private messages from clients thanking me for our work. Some of them were ‘big names’. Testimonials from them could have really made a difference in my visibility. But many of them declined to give testimonials or asked to remain anonymous.  

(And, let’s face it, anonymous testimonials are like having no testimonial because you know people who read them think that you just wrote them yourself.)

I remember venting to my therapist that I had just come out of an amazing retreat weekend with my mastermind clients. And not a SINGLE one of them had posted about how amazing their experience was. At the retreat, they’d told me it had changed their lives. In public, it was as if no retreat had even happened.

To add insult to injury, an industry leader who LOVED my work had agreed to write a testimonial about me. This was a big win and I knew having that testimonial on my site would go a long way in letting the ‘big players’ see that I was a contender.

But in her testimonial, she described me as ‘the secret weapon’ to the great thought leaders. I know she only meant it in the highest form of compliment, but the choice of words highlighted the issue I was having: VISIBILITY.

I had a successful business, my calendar was booked out months in advance, we had waitlists for almost every single program I offered.  Yet, I was the ‘best-kept secret’ the industry leaders had never heard of.

This was a problem because I wanted to reach and impact MANY more people than I currently was. But I was being restricted by this issue where, no matter what strategy I employed, I kept attracting clients who ‘hid’ working with me, or who felt ‘embarrassed’ to share they were working with a capacity coach.

So what the heck was that about, huh?

Well, I met with my therapist and a few of my mentors at the time. And I realized, I was just re-enacting my childhood wound of ‘not being seen’.  I grew up in a family that always used to make me the ‘bad guy’ or ‘scapegoated’ me. I never felt like they saw who I really was, nor how awesome I am.  

I could’ve sung like Mariah Carey, had Oprah’s endorsement, gotten a Presidential Medal of Honor and won a Nobel Peace Prize all in the same day and my family would have still not acknowledged I was awesome.

There was a subconscious part of me that had just ‘accepted’ that I would never be seen (or only seen by those who could truly see).  And therefore that is exactly what I was creating in my career. I was only ‘being seen’ by a small subset of people.

And this old wound was now showing up in all of my clients. It was limiting my ability to be seen by (and therefore impact) MORE people. That meant it was harder to get clients, more effort to fill programs and a lot more work altogether.

I had also attracted a few clients who I could have given the world on a platter to and they still would have found something to nitpick. (Just like my family used to do with me). Ever had THAT experience? Not fun.

If you have clients who hide that they work with you or clients who are showing up as representations of unhealed parts of you, that is a Visibility Capacity issue.

And let’s be honest, you’re not here to be a ‘secret’.  You are here to really make an impact in the world. And make some damn good money while doing so. It doesn’t have to be so hard.

Once I expanded my Visibility Capacity, I started getting invitations to some amazing events to increase my exposure and impact. People really started to see that I had something important to offer to the conversation. And I stopped getting called the ‘best-kept secret’.

Clients started to proudly put their names on testimonials, share me with their communities, ask me to speak at their masterminds and post on social media how much they’d loved their work with me. And these days I mostly have clients, who, instead of nitpicking everything, are grateful for even the tiniest things.

That’s what happens when you expand your Visibility Capacity.

Almost a decade later, I’ve helped many, many clients do the same. And that’s exactly why I opened up my virtual Visibility Capacity retreat a few weeks ago.

Clearly, many of you are hitting this same kind of plateau, because the first date sold out, the second date is almost sold out (only two spots left) and I had to ADD a third date (8 spots left for that one) to accommodate all the requests I was getting in my inbox about it.

Listen, if you are here to make more money, get clients more easily or impact more people…strategies can only take you so far. Your CAPACITY to hold, handle and receive MORE visibility is THE most important thing, much more so than a strategy.

(Ask me how many people I’ve worked with had a perfect strategy but subconsciously sabotaged themselves because their capacity for visibility was low? HUNDREDS) 

If you’re ready to start getting higher quality clients who don’t nitpick and complain about everything. Or you want to be seen by the ‘big name’ people in your industry. Get asked to be on those amazing podcasts or stages. Or you want to get those amazing testimonials you see other people getting, then you need to work on expanding your capacity for Visibility.

Join me at the Sept 14th virtual Visibility Capacity retreat, or the Sept 4th date.

All in all we’ve got only 10 spots left, total, between the two virtual retreat dates that remain. 

And yes, there is a payment plan, too. Plus it’s virtual so you don’t even have to leave your house. I’ve made it as easy as possible for you to say yes to this, including offering it at a price that I haven’t offered since 2014.

Can’t wait to see you there!

In love & capacity,

Lisa Fabrega

Ps: Have any questions? Just email and I’m happy to answer. Don’t be shy! Ask away!