the fabled “bargain-bin breakthrough”

I came across the most interesting post on my social media feed a few weeks ago. It was a long, vulnerable post where a woman confessed that she was finding it overwhelming to juggle her growing career, all the new clients coming in, hiring people to delegate things to and managing her home life on top of it all.

Then she did an interesting thing… she asked everyone for “advice on how to expand [her] capacity” to handle it all without sabotaging her momentum and growth.

The comments poured in with people offering all sorts of time management hacks, “tips” that had worked for them and “strategies” for how to do more. There were even a few people who just told her to stop trying to expand her capacity and accept she can’t do it all.  

As a person who has worked with people on capacity expansion for a decade, I cringed at this post and the comments.  Not from a place of judgment. But because I could see exactly why she was feeling overwhelmed and didn’t have the capacity to hold, handle and receive all of her dreams starting to come true.

You can’t bargain-shop for your transformation. There’s no such thing as a “good deal” on expanding your capacity. And when you bargain-bin it, you’re going to continue to get bargain-bin results. That means you will stay stuck in your endless, overwhelm cycle until it gets so bad that it starts to affect your earning negatively. 

Here’s the problem with thinking that “free advice” on social media is going to solve your problems.  Or that a $47 program is going to solve years of capacity issues. Or that “going back to your old program materials on your own” will move you forward.

People who give you free advice on expanding your capacity are not experts in capacity.  In fact, most people don’t even know what capacity expansion actually is. They think “expanding your capacity” is just giving you a time management hack, or a schedule that worked for them. Or they’ll even tell you to aim for less.  

But if you don’t actually have the capacity to employ those hacks, schedules and tips, they’re not going to work.  And just because something worked for someone else, doesn’t mean it’s going to actually work for you. You are a unique being with your own set of capacity meters.  

Taking free or cheap advice from strangers and expecting that to solve your capacity issues is like doing a one size fits all diet without testing what foods actually work for your body, or doing a juice fast and expecting to release all toxins in your body in one day. 

Also, capacity work is NOT something you can do on your own.  It requires a keen eye and lots of support from someone who knows capacity in and out.  

Capacity work will take you deep into your blind spots.  When we’re on our own our egos do everything they can to NOT let you see the blind spots. That’s why you need an outside perspective from a mentor for this.

I know exactly what’s going to happen with that woman.  She’s going to end up with a list of 100 things to do.  Feel more overwhelmed than ever, and then go right back to doing the same thing that is already causing her problems.  In a few months, she’s going to start to hit a revenue plateau. I see it ALL the time.

Trying to address multiple years of programming and challenges in one sitting for the lowest amount of investment possible, or for free, is NOT the same as expanding your capacity and setting yourself up for long-term success.  Strategies and “hacks” are just scratching the surface of the real problem: your capacity.

And here’s the most surprising reason why bargain-binning your capacity is MOST damaging to you, your life and your goals: 

when you treat your future goals and your capacity like this, you are subconsciously sending a signal to yourself, your body and the Universe that you’re not “worth” the time, energy, investment and focus that it will take to truly heal the capacity issue.

This is why people show up telling you they can’t “afford your services”.  Or why the strategies you’ve used or been recommended aren’t really working that well for you. Why you keep missing out on that raise at work. Or why you’re not speaking up at meetings with your ideas that could generate more revenue for your company. 

It’s why you keep working for someone else who is paying you, when you really want to work for yourself.  It’s why you always make other people lots of money and you can’t seem to do that for yourself.

It’s why you keep hitting the same earning plateau year after year. Or why you’ve had the same big-money goal for years and you just can’t seem to hit it.

A list of 100 tips from strangers on social media isn’t going to expand your capacity.  Continuing to do what you’ve always done is not going to get you new results. 

The only way to expand your capacity is to do capacity work. And seeking free/cheap advice when you’re growing is a money capacity issue, because it reflects how “worthy” you think you are of investing in yourself and RECEIVING more abundance.

This is exactly why I created the virtual Money Capacity retreat.  In this retreat, you will get REAL, deep-down-at-the-core capacity expansion.  Not “hacks” or lists of “advice tidbits” that are one-size-fits-all.

It’s exactly why I capped the attendee limit at 8 people, because I want to make sure you receive PERSONALIZED coaching that actually addresses your own particular Money Capacity issue.  Not one-size-fits-all $47 program advice.  Actual, in-depth coaching to heal the CORE of your money capacity wound.

There’s no work that addresses your sense of worthiness, your abundance and your capacity to hold, handle and receive your next-level money goals, like this work. I know, because it’s all I’ve been hearing from those of you who have attended.

I know this might have triggered you.  You might be doing all of the above things.  It’s okay, let’s breathe. Part of shifting a problem is being honest with ourselves about where we aren’t in alignment with what we say we want.

Now, you have a chance to get into alignment and do work that will ACTUALLY shift this for you.

There are just a few spots left for our LAST virtual Money Capacity retreat.  

This is your absolute LAST CHANCE to join us, as the final virtual retreat takes place in just two days.

In love and capacity,

Lisa Fabrega

Ps: here are some comments from women who attended the retreat so far.  As you can see, breakthroughs are inevitable.



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