The Most Critical Key to Epic Visibility


lisa fabrega


I have a HUGE surprise for you at the end of this post. It’s about the topic for which I get the most questions and requests for support…

The fear of being fully seen. Aka. Visibility blind spots.

Even when clients swear their issue is “money” or “hiring the wrong team”, it’s often a visibility issue when I drill down to what’s causing the money or team issue. Your revenue level and years of experience in business don’t matter either. Visibility blind spots are the great equalizer.

They come up for the person just passing $100,000 in revenue, the one scaling to eight figures, the one who’s been on Oprah twice, or the corporate CEO expanding her capacity for visibility to lead her board or team.

I’ve heard all the visibility fears that hold you back. Here are just a few:

  • “I don’t know how to encompass all the amazing things I do into ONE cohesive brand message. So I don’t share online as consistently or frequently as I should because everything feels so messy and confusing.”
  • “What if others judge my latest offer, and no one buys it, even though this is the MOST visible I’ve ever been launching it and I’ve had successful launches before?”
  • “I still don’t call myself a ‘CEO’ or see myself as an influential leader/expert in my industry—even though I’ve been doing this work for years!” 
  • “I’ve grown a lot in the last few years and I’m afraid my old audience no longer aligns with the person I am today. I’m afraid of the backlash/judgment if I show up as the more powerful, expansive person I am today.”
  • “I’m afraid of getting epic visibility because I’m not sure I could handle all the pressure, obligations, and to-do’s that would get added to my plate. I feel like I’m already drowning as a CEO—how could I handle even more?”

ALL of these fears create visibility blind spots, and visibility is the MOST critical blind spot to tackle when you’re scaling your company and striving to achieve the EPIC goals towards which you’re working.

So how do you know if a visibility blindspot is THE thing that’s standing your way? Well, some of the warning signs are that…

  • You hide behind old branding to avoid showing the world your FULL self. Or use the same old content or ideas that “always worked” because you’re too afraid to share what you REALLY want to say.
  • You don’t consistently show up online as much as your business needs you to. Being the “face of your brand” exhausts/drains you in ways it didn’t before—which means your audience isn’t growing AND you’ve lost that deeper connection to your message.
  • You have inconsistent cash flow because of inconsistent visibility.
  • You subtly sabotage raising prices or asking for a raise because you’re afraid of upsetting people or losing revenue.
  • You spend money on branding or business coaching, yet your message still feels too general, unclear, or like it doesn’t encompass all the magic of what you do. 
  • You delay writing your book or launching that new program.
  • You obsessively think about or go into an emotional tailspin every time you get a nasty comment or pushback and then hide. (Even when you pretend it doesn’t bother you.) 

Visibility issues are at the root of EVERYTHING you struggle with in your business. I’ve not come across a single CEO who was fully ready for her next level of visibility because the way most of us are taught to expand our visibility is missing a CRUCIAL piece.

Most of us hire a publicist, book writing coach, YouTube or Instagram expert, photographer, brand strategist, or scaling coach when we want to expand visibility. But that’s only half the equation. You’re missing the INTERNAL work that will make those investments and strategies successful. This is why you feel like you’re doing “all the things” AND YET the epic visibility you want still eludes you, or it’s too overwhelming when you get it. 

Which is exactly why successfully scaling towards epic visibility is actually a 3-step process that requires shifting

(shifting the blind spot influencing your results) 

(the strategies and structures of your business sans blind spots influencing them)

(aligning the right strategies, structures, and boundaries with the version of YOU who has the capacity for the epic visibility and growth you want.)

When you follow this process, growing your company to its next level doesn’t feel like a recipe for burnout.  Expand your capacity for epic visibility and everything else in your business expands. Revenue. Epic Opportunities. Clients. Impact. ALL. OF. IT.

That’s why for the first time in two years…

I’ve decided to bring back the Visibility Capacity Virtual Retreat!

These retreats are our most quickly sold-out offering ever. When we first offered these two years ago, we sold out of every date. We had to add a third date. That one sold out, too.

And NOW, we’re bringing them back AND making them better than ever before! Which means:

Expanded content!
1-on-1 access to me!
Customized advice for YOUR unique business!

Here’s what you get in this retreat:

  • I walk you through my 3 step process for scaling towards epic visibility & growth. This *includes* the same strategies that I teach my 1-on-1 clients that get them HUGE visibility results. Note: Because I only share my unique strategies with clients or at private retreats (and I don’t share them anywhere else), I always get SO many DM’s afterward from people who are shocked by how quickly they unlock their epic visibility opportunities after attending a virtual retreat!
  • There are only 25 spots per retreat. We purposely have a limited number of spots. This is a high-touch, personalized container because I love to pour all my focus, expertise, and 13 years of experience into the attendees.
  • Every attendee gets a hot seat with me for personalized coaching on their unique visibility issue. You can choose to have your hot seat live during the retreat OR you can privately submit it to me and I’ll create a custom video with my thoughts and advice about your unique blindspot and visibility goals. Shifting a visibility blindspot requires nuanced, bespoke coaching—which is exactly why I’m including it to maximize your results! (Note: we have 10 spots for live hot seat coaching during the retreat and 15 spots for private hot seats. So don’t wait to enroll if you have a strong preference. The longer you wait, the higher risk your preferred hot seat type will be gone.)
  • It’s virtual, so you don’t have to even leave your home! Come as you are!
  • The retreat is an intensive container—we spend 4 hours together in an intimate, safe setting with amazing hand-picked people with whom you’ll feel safe to share. The magic of intensive containers increases the potency and rapidly accelerates the breakthroughs and results you want. 

Here’s a post one of the excited attendees posted on my Facebook wall after attending:

Best part?

You can be part of this intimate mastermind retreat container for $500.

And, you have TWO dates to choose from:

May 28th, 2022 and June 10th, 2022

PS: I’ve been told repeatedly the results and experience of this retreat are incredible. So if you’re thinking “oh none of these dates work”, I can say for the last virtual retreat I offered, a participant (a very busy mom and 7-figure entrepreneur) moved her entire client schedule the NIGHT BEFORE the retreat so she could attend. After attending she was so impressed with her breakthroughs, that she signed up twice.

Remember, shifting your visibility blind spots is CRITICAL to scaling and growing your business. They impact EVERYTHING. You can’t afford to not take the time for this.