The No-launch, $200k Day


lisa fabrega

lisa march 23

You can have a $200,000 sales day without launching. 

You can sign six-figure coaching clients without getting on a single sales call.

You can book epically visible speaking opportunities while luxuriating on vacation.

You can double your business revenue while taking a month off to spend time with your family.

You can have a seven-figure business without having to post on social media constantly.

More visibility does NOT have to equal more exhaustion & overwhelm.

These are real results taken from my and my clients’ lives and businesses after I worked with them. 

How did we get results like this? We created a visibility strategy that was actually aligned with the vision they had for their lives and businesses. A visibility strategy totally unique to THEM, their strengths, their values, and personalities. 

Massive, complicated launches that make you lots of money but make you want to face-plant after… 

Constantly having to launch to make the revenue you need… 

Not being able to step away from your business to enjoy your life because your personal sales efforts are always the sole revenue generator of your business…

Launching new offers in the name of “scaling” and “passive income” – but now working harder than ever…

Or holding back your visibility growth because you don’t trust yourself to do it without burning out (because you did in the past)…

These are all things that you no longer want nor have to do. Furthermore, in 2023, these tactics don’t work like they used to anyway when it comes to getting epic visibility. (Thankfully!)

This is exactly why I decided to completely overhaul, update and bring back the NEW Epic Visibility Challenge.

It has all of my latest and greatest visibility findings after a year of deep diving into what’s working now. And I know they’re what’s working now because they got my clients the results you read at the top of this email.

I’m happy to share we finally have a sales page for it with all the extra information you need, including dates and times of the lives and exactly what you’re going to be learning. (Though not having a sales page hasn’t stopped over 50 of you from asking me for the signup link without even needing to know all the details!)

During this 3-day challenge, you’re not only going to learn the six Visibility levers to activate in order to get epic visibility without the burnout…

You’ll also learn you only need to activate ONE of them in the next 30 days to start getting the visibility results you want while still having a life! You have your own, unique-to-you visibility lever and by the time you walk away from the challenge, you will know exactly what you need to focus on for your visibility strategy to unleash amazing results without overwhelm. 

Yes, you’ll have your own custom Visibility plan of action to do Visibility your way, with less drainage and better results.

My mantra with clients has always been “maximum results, minimum effort.”

👇👇👇👇 👇👇👇👇👇

The special pre-sale price of only $37 expires tomorrow! So NOW is the time to join us (after tomorrow it goes back up to its normal price of $47).

Grab your spot for only $37 here.

Ps: yes, we will absolutely have replays if you can’t make it live every day of the challenge. So don’t let that stop you from signing up!

No, this challenge isn’t for only one type of business owner. We have people with all types of businesses joining us in the challenge.

If you have any other questions, just email us and we’re happy to respond.