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I know you pretty well because I study you – NOT in a creepy way! More in the, “I want to make sure we provide you with robust, resonant content. I’ve looked at our most opened and loved emails. You LOVE to read about other people’s success and testimonials

It doesn’t surprise me; you’re the kind of person who cheers a fellow CEO for their accomplishments, lifts people, and is discerning. You want to make sure you’re making the right decision for yourself when deciding to invest in something.

I’ve noticed something else about you: The beauty of this decision to join the virtual retreat is it starts to expand your visibility capacity the minute you decide to invest in it. Particularly the aspect of your visibility capacity where you have to trust your instincts.

Have you asked yourself why if your instinct has repeatedly pulled you to the retreat page, you haven’t pressed the “enroll now” button yet? 

I understand we sometimes fear things won’t work. Mainly because I know you’re the kind of person who has invested in their business many times (that’s what good CEOs do!). But sometimes it helps to hear about other people’s experiences. 

So I compiled three short videos from virtual Visibility Capacity Retreat participants sharing the powerful shifts and results they got from attending. (Watch them below)

The coolest part about these videos? When I reached out to past participants of this retreat, I got a BUNCH of enthusiastic YESSES. They were dying to share. 

Watch their short 1-3 minute testimonies below, then hit ‘reply’ and tell me which one you identified with the most! 


Here are some quotes from her video if you’re short on time. (You can also watch the full video below)

“Lisa heard me; she heard what was behind my words, the real issues I didn’t even know were the cause of my visibility struggles. I had been to several coaches before Lisa, and I’d never felt heard.“

“I probably have five pages of notes in my journal along just from journaling after the retreat.”

“I loved the group format. [At first], I wasn’t sure if I‘d be able to be honest with people I didn’t know. But Lisa created such a safe space that I could. And not only could I express myself, but I could also learn from everything Lisa offered to the other participants. It felt like a very cohesive group in a very short period of time because of her approach. I got so much out of that retreat I signed up to work with Lisa [longer term], and I’m so glad I did.”

Watch the full video here.


Here are quotes from her video (if you’re short on time). You can watch the full video below.

“I’m a coach and mentor, and I know how to do the work, but sometimes not seeing your own blind spots is where you get stuck at a certain level of expansion. I needed someone who was going to see the blind spots.”

During the call, I was activated to a really important part of my work I hadn’t seen before. It was born from the hot seat. She didn’t stop at the typical questions, she was able to go deeper, and I was able to go to the next level with my work. It feels like the most aligned work I’ve ever done. I’ve been a coach for 20 years, and it feels like something just blew wide open because of the tools I learned and the capacity work during the retreat.”

“I also loved that there were other women on the journey there who were like-minded and were going to witness and hold space during the hot seat portion. You can hide when you do the work on your own; it’s hard to hide when you’re with women who really want to see the best for you. I would definitely do it again.

Listen to her incredible results here:

Watch the full video here.


Angelica experienced huge breakthroughs that helped her book speaking gigs at various prestigious conferences in her industry. The expansion in her visibility from the virtual retreat made her senior managers notice her at work. She’s on track for a raise and promotion. 

Here are quotes from her video (and you can watch the full video below)

“What I know about the work with Lisa (which is why I continue to come back to work with her)  is that I always get phenomenal insights. Because [her work] is so different and experiential, that’s how I end up making even bigger breakthroughs that make an impact in my personal and professional life.”

Hear about her experience with the virtual retreat here:

Watch the full video here.

The Virtual Visibility Capacity Retreat is OPEN for enrollment!

Spots are filling steadily, and we’ve always sold out in the past. Our first retreat is coming up in just a few weeks, so time is running out to sign up. Seats are first-come, first-served. 

PS: I’ll be back with more videos in a few days. One thing we DIDN’T have a shortage of is women raving about the virtual Visibility Capacity retreat!