Visibly Invisible


lisa fabrega

visibly invisible

If I ask you, “what do you do” – do you clam up, fumble over your words, and excuse yourself to the bathroom? 

Luckily, you’re not alone if you feel this, because this is very common! I’ve helped thousands of people with this exact issue. In all cases, they believed they could fix it by hiring a messaging strategist. My client “Anita” had done just that. But what happens when you do this and you’re still fumbling or worse, noticing your messaging isn’t bringing in more clients or money?

Anita had spent good money on brand and messaging strategists to help her “craft her elevator pitch” and re-write the copy on her website. Then she’d invested in ads to bring the right people to her new, higher-priced program. With incredible messaging strategists and copywriters on her side, she was convinced they’d have lots of sign-ups with the right clients who wanted to invest at that level… but instead…? No one signed up.

As if by fate, the same week this happened, she heard me speak about Visibility Capacity™ deficits on someone’s podcast. And it suddenly clicked. Something deeper was going on. 

Your Visibility Capacity is your ability to allow all of you to be fully seen in your work and your life. If your “messaging” or the way you show up online (or in-person) isn’t giving you the results you want, it’s usually this capacity deficit that’s the culprit.

When Anita first reached out, she told me she didn’t understand how, after having worked with so many well-known copywriters and brand strategists, she still couldn’t get the new, higher-priced program filled.

Anita hired me for a Capacity Intensive, because intensives are excellent for working on your messaging while exploring how your visibility capacity deficits are blocking that messaging from being the most effective it can be (aka getting you sales and more clients.)

Within the first twenty minutes of our Intensive day, I knew exactly what was going on: Anita was used to having the capacity to be visible up to the point she was at right now. She’d never been visible as a person who sold a program at that new price point. She hadn’t calibrated her visibility capacity to match where she was trying to go next.

So she showed up to her meetings with the messaging strategists as her old self with the lower-priced programs. Which meant the strategists she hired saw her as her “old self” and wrote copy that reflected that

Except her old self wasn’t going to sell or attract the right clients for the new program. 

Her old self was only going to attract clients with a budget that matched her old, lower-priced program; those people couldn’t afford her new program. Only the version of her who feels comfortable being seen as a higher-priced coach could sell and attract the clients who could afford the new program.

And here’s the TRICKIEST part: because she was secretly fearful of being seen as a higher-priced coach, she was purposely and personally vested in not being clear

As we dove deeper, she confessed to being secretly scared of attracting the kind of clients she wanted to work with at her next level. She had a false belief those clients would expect her to be “perfect” or would be more demanding. And she didn’t yet have the capacity and confidence to believe she could back it up.

Underneath it all, she didn’t WANT to be clear, because she was afraid of being seen and hired by the very people she wanted to attract in her new program. Aren’t our brains soooo tricky and sneaky? That’s how we sabotage our most sincere efforts when our capacity deficits are in our blind spot, and they unconsciously drive decisions in our businesses.

If you don’t have the capacity to be more visible – you can’t slap a bunch of copy on a script and recite it, expecting it to work. You have to believe in those words and have the capacity to say them confidently. You have to KNOW you can back those words up with your actions and the excellence of your work. No matter how many copywriters or messaging strategists you hire, you’ll still have this same issue unless you work on your capacity. 

Over the next three hours in our Capacity Intensive, I worked with Anita to help her embody the new version of her work and to show up comfortable being seen as that higher-priced provider. And then, like magic, the RIGHT copy for her sales page, website, and ads came pouring out. And phew, was it magnetic! 

We even had time to create her entire proprietary framework–meaning she now had a clear and concise way of explaining her methodologies and processes in a unique and bespoke way that really made her stand out from the sea of other coaches. I’m always amazed at what can be accomplished in these Capacity Intensives once we clear the capacity deficits out of the way.

Within two weeks of our intensive, she had five new ideal clients sign up for her higher-priced offering. All because she was showing up differently, having expanded her visibility capacity. And because of that, the way she spoke about what she did completely changed and finally resonated with the audience she was trying to attract.

If you’re frustrated, feeling “unseen” or underappreciated… or if you have trouble explaining to people what you do, you might not need another messaging strategist. You might need to work on expanding your Visibility Capacity.

P.S. I currently have a few Capacity Intensive spots open for August and September. These are usually booked pretty solidly throughout the year, which is why you rarely hear me mention them. If you want one of the spots I have open and are ready to shift your Visibility Capacity for concise, clear, and magnetic Visibility, learn more about what we can do in an intensive and apply here. I’ll personally read your application, and if I feel I can help, I will let you know.