Your Biggest Blindspot


lisa fabrega

One of the biggest “misconceptions” people have about capacity work™ (helping you expand your capacity for more wealth, visibility, and impact so you can keep growing without sacrificing your well-being as the CEO) is this:

Gaining more capacity means “learning how to do more & more” or “learning how to deal with piling more things onto your plate.”

As a result, I often get messages like this one: “I know I need to work on my capacity, but I’m already so overwhelmed. I need to get more capacity to even be able to set the time aside to sign up to do capacity work with you.”  

This is my face whenever I hear that:

If you don’t have the capacity to do capacity work, and capacity work is the only place where you can grow your capacity, where are you going to get more capacity to do capacity work? 

It’s a tongue twister, but you can see how it doesn’t make sense. It’s a good example of how we subconsciously trick ourselves into staying stuck through faux logic. 

Our egos want us to stay safe and comfortable (that’s just your ego doing its “keeping you alive” thing, which is its primary job. But sometimes the ego makes a mistake and interprets everything that isn’t comfortable as “life-threatening” so it makes up these logical-sounding excuses to keep you in the comfort zone. (Getting better at this type of discernment is also part of capacity work.)

When we pick those “logical-sounding phrases” apart, we see they aren’t “logical” at all. And the way we sabotage our ability to get to the next level becomes really apparent. 

Your next level is always outside your comfort zone. That next level of wealth, visibility, and impact you dream of? It’s outside of your current capacity. 

Right now, you only have the capacity to hold, handle and receive what you currently have. In order to go to your next level, you have to get out of your comfort zone to get the bigger capacity the next level version of you has.

You want more wealth? You have to do the work to become the person who has the capacity to hold, handle & receive that bigger wealth number.

You want more visibility? You have to do the work to become the person who can get and handle those visibility opportunities you want.

You want more impact? You already know what I’m going to say…

This isn’t to shame anyone who has said this to me or to themselves. It’s to show you how easily you can self-sabotage and unconsciously slow down your growth.

Being a CEO is a LOT to manage and handle at once. Your capacity to do that will always need to grow so you don’t end up burned out or too overwhelmed to be a good steward of your company. 

Because when we’re overwhelmed, we make bad CEO decisions that negatively impact our companies. Overwhelm can mess with our logic too and cause us to turn away the real support we need and think our salvation is another strategy or “time management hack.” 

But let’s be honest, you already tried that 100 times. And where has it gotten you? 

So, if you find yourself saying “I need to first get more capacity before I can sign up to do capacity work with you, Lisa” then you 100% have a capacity problem that is NOT going to get better with you “trying to get more capacity on your own.” 

You can’t get more capacity on your own.

Issues with your capacity are caused by BLIND SPOTS. The definition of a blind spot is “the point of entry of the optic nerve on the retina, insensitive to light. An area where a person’s view is obstructed.” That means you can’t work on your blind spots by yourself because you can’t see them clearly. 

Second, when you work on your capacity, you’re not necessarily learning “how to pile more stuff on and be able to handle it all even if it kills you.” Nope! That’s not what expanding your capacity is AT ALL. 

It depends which “camp” you find yourself in with your capacity. I recently went live in the Capacity Shift™ Facebook group, and I taught participants about how we tend to fall into two “camps” when it comes to expanding our capacity.

While I can’t go into the depth I went to in our paid group program, I can help you identify exactly where you need to focus when it comes to growing your capacity.  

In general, you will fall into:

CAMP A: you’re a CEO who is easily internally or emotionally thrown off by challenges in your business. You constantly feel like you “just can’t handle” your growth or your business. Stress gets to you easily. Your energy gets frequently drained by issues that arise and you wonder if you truly have “what it takes” to keep being the CEO of your company. You also wonder if other CEO’s have the issues you seem to have in your business and how they handle it all. 

CAMP B: you have always been really strong and you can “endure” or handle a lot more than most people around you, including your clients or your team. So you frequently take on way more than you should because you know “you can handle it” better than most, instead of letting other people handle things. 

Maybe you can see both A and B operating within you. Maybe you’re more A in your personal life and more B in your business. 

If you’re in CAMP A, your capacity work lies in strengthening yourself internally so you aren’t so easily thrown. And you DO need to learn to handle more. But that doesn’t mean you need to learn to “do more”. It means you need to learn to be selective about what you do say yes to and you need to say yes to more things that challenge you but that ultimately would be good for you to grow into as a CEO.

If you’re in CAMP B, your capacity work will center around learning how to be more discerning about what you say yes to. You’re going to have to learn how to set better boundaries with yourself and NOT take on things people around you can take on. You will need to learn to let people make mistakes or let them not do things as fast as you can. You need to expand your capacity to receive more support and feel worthy of receiving that support.

So you see, it has NOTHING to do with “pilling more sh&t on” and just learning how to deal with being overwhelmed and burned out. It has everything to do with changing how you see yourself and understanding exactly what YOUR unique blindspots are as a CEO.

You might know what camp you fall into after reading this email, but do you know your unique blind spot that’s causing you to be in that camp in the first place? The answer is: you most likely don’t know because it’s a blindspot 😉

If you’re ready to not only identify your unique blindspot as a CEO and hire support to eliminate those blind spots and go to your next level of wealth, visibility, and impact, you can now book a call directly on my private calendar right here.

I’ll assess what capacity blindspots are causing the issues you’re experiencing as a CEO and we’ll discuss which one of our offerings will best support you to make that shift. 

And I don’t do weird pressure tactics, because first, I only speak with people who are ready to do this work, and second, I don’t need to “chase”, because I know the worth of our work and the results our clients get with it. If you’re on the phone with me, you already know the value of the work, you just want to know which offering is the best fit for you. 

On our phone call, we are just two CEO’s having a nuanced discussion assessing your unique blindspots and identifying what’s really holding you back, so you can invest in the support that will help you breakthrough.
Can’t wait to talk to you!