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Wow. The feedback about It’s Not Your Strategy, It’s Your Capacity: A Guided Journaling Experience has been amazing. And, I’m in deep gratitude. If you weren’t able to join us, read on for transparency times 10.  Yesterday, enrollment officially opened publicly for Capacity Shift, a group container for my proven capacity framework. And, today, I’m inviting…

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emergency landing


Remember a few years ago when that plane landed in the Hudson River and the pilot, Captain Sully, maneuvered to save every single person on board? Imagine for a moment that you’re him. Decades of being trained to listen to air traffic control’s commands NO MATTER WHAT. Shortly after take off a flock of birds…

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secret shaman

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One of the biggest misconceptions I hear is “once you get to a certain amount of income, life is easy. And “those high earners certainly must not have capacity issues, since they’re making so much money.”  Think again. Capacity issues affect us at every level of our success. I briefly worked with a woman who’d…

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When I was a kid there was a commercial for a chewy fruit candy called “Bonkers”. In it, a person would eat a piece of the candy and a HUGE fruit would fall from the sky. I was obsessed and wanted the giant fruit to fall on me, too.   When I finally convinced my junk-food-avoidant…

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so now what?

I normally write blog posts in advance, so I’m writing this weeks before the US presidential elections. I have no idea who will have won by the time you see this post, or how you’ll feel on this day. We may not even know the results yet. So it felt odd to continue the “ways…

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energetic stabs

You’ve heard me talk about how Visibility Capacity is your ability to allow all of you to be fully seen in your life and work. But what happens when expanding your Visibility Capacity means you share less because you’re becoming more healthily selective? Is this a Visibility Capacity deficit? Or expansion? Depends on who you…

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your rent quadruples

A few days ago, I shared the major capacity expansion cycle I’ve experienced the past few years. It was filled with wonderful moments and also some drama. I promised I’d be sharing it all over the next few weeks through the lens of the Six Capacities: Money, Visibility, Purpose, Embodiment, Structural & Boundary.   We’re starting…

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power drain

On Sunday, I fired a service provider I’d worked with for almost two years. I liked them as a human being and I greatly enjoyed my work with them. But there was a sneaky thing that kept happening that ultimately made the relationship untenable. It’s also the culprit of one of the biggest complaints I…

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bad idea

A personal trainer once told me that for Olympic sprinters, a 30 second sprint requires a prior 90 second rest. For an intense burst of activity, your muscles need three times the amount of rest, so they have the energy reserves to break records. That tidbit of information completely changed the way I viewed achieving…

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debate trauma

I didn’t watch the US presidential debates a few weeks ago. On purpose. And if you’ve been trying to preserve your mental health during a pandemic and/or you’re recovering your nervous system from trauma, burnout or exhaustion…it’s okay if you didn’t watch, too. This isn’t about politics. It’s also not about bypassing what’s happening.  Nor…

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