Mary Reynolds

25 Oct

Mary Reynolds enjoying one of her landscape designs at the Chelsea Flower Show. Credit: Press Association Images.   Ever think watching a movie about a landscape designer would help you have a huge breakthrough around your boundaries?  Well, that movie exists and I’ve got to tell you about “Dare To Be Wild,” which I found…

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egg-freezing boundary pusher

22 Oct

Me and clients at a mastermind retreat in my home. Have I ever told you about the time a random friend of my mom’s took me aside at a holiday party and ended up becoming one of my craziest boundary stories?  Though I had no real relationship with her, she decided it was perfectly fine…

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the most revealing 22 minutes on video EVER

video thumbnail Oct 17

Scroll down to watch the video.   You’re going to want to read today’s email settled in your chair with a good cup of tea or coffee. It’s my most revealing 20 minutes on video ever. And I’m taking you deep into some of the drama that’s been going on behind the scenes as I’ve…

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the fabled “bargain-bin breakthrough”

8 Oct

I came across the most interesting post on my social media feed a few weeks ago. It was a long, vulnerable post where a woman confessed that she was finding it overwhelming to juggle her growing career, all the new clients coming in, hiring people to delegate things to and managing her home life on…

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evade and avoid

4 Oct

I speak to hundreds of women about money every year.  Not just clients, but also women interested in working with me who book exploratory sessions.  At the end of those conversations, we always talk about money and what they want to invest in working with me.  Ten years into this business, I’ve had around a…

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scary stalker

2 October post

  A few weeks ago I was speaking with a client about a big problem that had popped up for her recently. An irate customer who was obsessed with demanding all his money back, even though she had responsibly delivered the service he paid for.  He was borderline stalking her online and kept threatening her…

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sore tush

23 Sept a

A few days ago I got this comment on Wednesday’s blog post about ‘Money Ghosting’ aka how we go into avoidance around money. I was thrilled to receive that message because yes, ‘not being able to make the days work’ is one of the ways that we go into avoidance around working with our Money…

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money ghosting

I noticed something really interesting last week which revealed to me a tricky way in which we sabotage our Money Capacity without even realizing it.  Here’s what happened… Last week, when I announced that we were opening up a BRAND NEW virtual Money Capacity retreat, I asked for all who were interested in signing up…

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TW: you won’t believe what goes on

Last week I told you we’re going to talk about Money Capacity for the next few weeks. I announced three NEW virtual retreats dedicated to expanding your Money Capacity. Within just a few hours dozens of you had written in with a “hell yes!” to enrolling. I also prepared you for the fact that in…

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the money convo no one’s having

    In the last few weeks, we’ve been diving deep into expanding your capacity for more visibility and it has been an absolute BLAST to see how engaging this topic was for so many of you. But now that all three virtual Visibility Capacity retreats are officially sold out and closed for enrollment (!!!),…

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